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Our Distinguished Speakers

NAZANIN AFSHIN-JAM:   Iranian-Canadian human rights advocate, President, ‘Stop Child Executions’


DOUG BEST:  RCMP Superintendent and Head of the National Security Section

RAYMOND BOISVERT:  Assistant Director, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)


BOAZ GANOR:  Associate Dean, and Executive Director of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) – Herzliya, Israel


RAMIN  JAHANBEGLOO:  Iranian Political Philosopher, University of Toronto Centre for Ethics



ANDY MAHUT: Executive Board, Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC)/Manager, Energy Practices, U.S. Steel Canada                    


MARINA NEMAT:  Best-selling author, human rights advocate, former political prisoner


RAHEEL RAZA:  Author, human rights activist, Consultant for Interfaith and Intercultural Diversity


LAWRENCE SOLOMON:  Columnist, Financial Post, Executive DIrector, Energy Probe


JOHN THOMPSON:  International Security Intelligence Expert, Mackenzie Institute


MIKE WARD:  Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner, Consulate of Canada in Istanbul, Turkey



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