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ACL is a not-for-profit, grassroots organization, whose mission is to restore civility to the narrative that surrounds the Middle East, through community programming and advocacy, to help educate members of the public about the political, social and economic issues currently confronting Israel and its neighbours.

ACL hosts a series of well-attended business lunch lectures in Toronto’s downtown financial district, with well-known speakers on important topics that educate about and support the protection of individual civil liberties. We present distinguished speakers and panels from all over the world in evening community events that draw large, interfaith and inter-ethnic audiences.

One of the key components of our mission is to help ensure campus debate about the Middle East is conducted fairly. The toxic level of anti-Israel sentiment on university campuses has contributed to an atmosphere of polarization, which marginalizes Jewish students and faculty, as well as many other members of the university community who wish to defend Israel.

Our first initiative was an International Conference in February, 2011, “When Middle East Politics Invade Campus”. The Conference, which featured academics and experts from around the globe, and a panel of campus student organization leaders who were unaffiliated with the Middle East conflict, was hailed as the first honest and open forum on this issue. It focused on the impact this often hostile debate has on students of all faiths, all ethnicities, and the need for civil liberties protection from an often divisive and propagandist agenda.

ACL seeks to collaborate with academic officials on an ongoing basis, to devise appropriate, enforceable ground rules for campus political activities. We intend to encourage administrations to enforce their own codes of conduct.

Our recent Women’s Rights panel, Islamism’s War On Women: Canadian Women Speak Out” addressed the gender apartheid in Islamic states, and was an educational forum on how these civil liberties have been abrograted in some Canadian cultural communities. It was a sold-out evening community event with a panel of distinguished speakers and a diverse audience, that received world-wide media through the internet and social media marketing.

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